H30Crystal Spectrum Analyzer
All the functions you need, also in fiber optics / Ref. 593625

The H30Crystal expands H30 series of portable and compact meters by bringing strong efficiency in optic measurements. Its ability to analyse fiber-optic networks, along with all the features of previous models, makes this equipment a versatile and comprehensive tool for today’s professional technicians, who are used to working with several telecommunication network technologies.
H30Crystal is also a scalable and multi-standard equipment designed to measure DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, analogue channels and the return path. Easily-downloadable software licences will let you update your meter with new options. These features, together with its wide range of tools and functionalities, make the meter a multifunctional equipment ideal for installations, maintenance and troubleshooting of coaxial and fiber-optic networks. All of this in just one device!

Operating the meter is more flexible thanks to its multiscreen system: the user can manage it remotely and display its contents on their own mobile device (Android, iOS or PC). Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity will let you work with all the conveniences of a wireless connection. In addition, a universal armband for mobile devices up to 6” is included, so that using a smartphone is even more comfortable.

Just as the rest of the meters fully designed and manufactured in Televes Corporation, H30Crystal takes advantage of the digital processing technology, and provides the user with a speed and mathematical accuracy equivalent to that of laboratory equipment.

Ref. 593601 DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T + F.O.
Ref. 593602 DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2 + F.O.
Ref. 593603 DVB-S/S2 + DVB-C + F.O.
Ref. 593604 DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2 + DVB-C + F.O.
Ref. 593621 DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T + Selective F.O.
Ref. 593622 DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2 + Selective F.O.
Ref. 593624 DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2 + DVB-C + Selective F.O.
Ref. 593661 DVB-S/S2 + ISDB-T/Tb + F.O.
Ref. 593605 Full model: DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2 + DVB-C + F.O. + WiFi and IPTV Analysers + HEVC display + Coaxial Cable Lead + Carrying Case
Ref. 593625 Full model: DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2 + DVB-C + Selective F.O. + WiFi and IPTV Analysers + HEVC display + Coaxial Cable Lead + Carrying Case