The standard variant of this product is not available in certain locations. Due to product compliance restrictions on Trusted Platform Modules, only the non-TPM variant of this USRP will be available in the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong. Furthermore, this USRP with TPM will not be available in France, Israel or Russia until the USRP is registered in those countries. Please contact if you would like more information.

USRP N321 (2 TX/RX Channels, 200 MHZ BW, W/LO Distribution)
The USRP N321 is a networked software defined radio that provides reliability and fault-tolerance for deployment in large-scale and distributed wireless systems. This device simplifies control and management of a network of radios by introducing the unique capability to remotely perform tasks such as updating software, rebooting, factory resetting, self-testing, host PC/ARM debugging and monitoring system health. The USRP N321 is an all-in-one device that includes the Zynq-7100 SoC baseband processor, two SFP+ ports, a QSFP+ port, a built-in GPSDO module, and various other peripheral and synchronization features.