IT8700P+ Series
High Speed Multi-channel DC Electronic Load

T8700P+ series high-speed multi-channel DC electronic load is an upgraded version of the original IT8700P series with higher speed and higher precision. Its modules support master-slave paralleling connection for power extension. It’s compatible with IT8700P mainframe, the new modules and old modules can work together. The IT8700P+ modules have faster dynamic response and can make the minimum rise time of current less than rising time of minimum current < 10 μs. In addition, the low internal resistance makes it suitable for low-voltage loading test. Faster loop speed can accurately control current without overshoot which improves test efficiency. Furthermore, it has three current ranges for higher accuracy and lower ripple. The voltage and current measurement speed of this series has been upgraded to 250kHz. It has built-in LAN, USB and RS232 interfaces, and supports SCPI protocol. Therefore, IT8700P+ is good for system integration and is suitable for R&D and production line testing of super capacitors, fuel cells, lithium ion batteries, high-speed AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies such as computer power supplies and communication power supplies.