Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load

IT8200 Series is a regenerative programmable AC/DC electronic load. It is power regenerative, which not only saves electricity and cooling costs for you, but also good for energy saving and environmental protection. AC load mode supports both rectification andnon-rectification, providing CC/CR/CP/CS/CC+CR/CE operating modes. It can simulate multiple circuit topologies under CE mode such as single-phase rectification RLC Circuit and parallel RLC Circuit. IT8200 can be applied to the test of V2G, EVSE, PCS, UPS, inverter, etc. IT8200 Series adopt a high power density design, and the power can reach 15kVA in a 3U unit. After parallelconnection, the power can be extended to 960kVA at most.Its LCD touch screen with graphical UI interface can directly define differentwaveforms. Combined with arbitrary waveform editing function and perfect protection function, it is an ideal choice for R&D testing andsystem construction.