The LV5350 WAVEFORM MONITOR is compact without sacrificing performance, supporting SDI signals from SD through 12G rates. The LV5350 is a 3U half-rack, short-depth waveform monitor with a built-in 7-inch touch screen display and a full array of buttons and control knobs.
The waveform, vector, picture, and audio displays enable simple yet comprehensive measurements and quality control of the widest range of audio and video formats. The status display allows you to assess errors and system stability with both event logs and long-term charts. Audio embedded in SDI signals can be shown on the level, Lissajous, and status displays.

The LV5350 has a DC power input, which enables it to be used in locations where AC power supplies are not available. Additionally, the LV5350 can be battery-operated by installing a battery mount option, ideal for onset work or any location where power is a challenge. With its combination of touch screen, dedicated buttons and knobs, and user-defined screen layouts the LV5350 allows complex measurement and monitoring tasks to be quickly completed.