The Mountz FGA adjustable cam-over torque screwdriver is an error-proofing tool that allows engineers to reduce the risk of over-torque on their assembly lines in production environments with critical fasteners often found in electronics, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing. Torque range suitable for micro, low, and medium torque applications.

Using a clutch mechanism, cam-over tools prevent the operator from applying too much torque to the fastener – preventing over-torque events, broken components, costly product returns, and safety risks.

Cam-over technology reduces the possibility of operator error in both fastening directions, which ensures correct torque is applied and prevents fastener breakage. Providing the operator with an adjustable tool provides flexibility where torque values may need to be adjusted on demand, like maintenance, field service, and research applications.

All Mountz FGA hand tools have a calibration life of 4x ISO standards that is unmatched by any adjustable torque screwdriver provider.