The EPT is an all-in-one transducerized smart cordless screwdriver solution for process reliability and efficiency with smart fastening strategies with high precision torque accuracy. The screwdriver safeguards against fastening failures for quality-minded engineers. The transducerized tool features a built-in sensor that is continually measuring torque in real-time and feeding data back into the system. The error-proofing system eliminates manufacturing risks and product defects. Easily program the cordless screwdriver with fastening workflows and torque tolerances for each fastener in the sequence. The battery-operated screwdriver provides capabilities to record and store the torque & fastening data. A single cordless DC control system replaces up to 15 power tools. The battery tool eliminates power cables in the work area and improves safety and operations by optimizing the manufacturing footprint. The tool includes free product software – no annual licensing required—savings of $2K. Achieve a robust manufacturing process using this intelligent cordless screwdriver system.