Gefen is a leading provider of innovative audio, video and computer signal processing solutions for commercial and prosumer applications. With a heritage of practical innovation, Gefen provides intuitive connectivity products and solutions that bridge the gap between rapidly advancing technology and real-world applications. Gefen elevates system performance by making connectivity and signal management seamless.
Marka Ürün Kodu Ürün Adı Datasheet Resim
Marka Ürün Kodu Ürün Adı Datasheet Resim
GefenEXT-DVI-1641616x16 DVI Crosspoint Matrix
GefenGEF-DVI-16416-PB16x16 DVI Matrix with Front Panel Push Button Control
GefenEXT-DVI-444DL4x4 DVI Dual Link Matrix
GefenEXT-DVI-8488x8 DVI Matrix