As a professional global power electronic instruments manufacture,"Customer oriented" is the principle of all ITECH's activities.We do our best to know deeper potential power testing requirements of various industries.With continiously improvement and innovation,ITECH's widely products series and power electronic testing solutions, promote worldwide user's testing experience to new height.
Marka Ürün Kodu Ürün Adı Datasheet Resim
Marka Ürün Kodu Ürün Adı Datasheet Resim
ItechIT6861ADual-range DC Power supply 20V-5A / 8V-9A
ItechIT6862ADual-range DC Power supply 32V-3A / 12V-6A
ItechIT6863ADual-range DC Power supply 72V-1,5A / 32V-3A
ItechIT6872ADual-range DC Power supply 35V-4A / 15V-7A
ItechIT6873ADual-range DC Power supply 75V-2A / 32V-4A
ItechIT6874ADual-range DC Power supply 150V-1,2A / 60V-2A
ItechIT6860ADual Range Programmable DC Power supply
ItechIT6861BDual-range DC Power supply 20V-5A / 8V-9A, RS232,USB,GBIP
ItechIT6862BDual-range DC Power supply 32V-3A / 12V-6A, RS232,USB,GBIP
ItechIT6863BDual-range DC Power supply 72V-1,5A / 32V-3A, RS232,USB,GBIP
ItechIT6872BDual-range DC Power supply 35V-4A / 15V-7A, RS232,USB,GBIP
ItechIT6873BDual-range DC Power supply 75V-2A / 32V-4A, RS232,USB,GBIP
ItechIT6874BDual-range DC Power supply 150V-1,2A / 60V-2A, RS232,USB,GBIP