Ever since its founding, IDK Corporation has been leading the ProAV industry in Japan for more than 25 years, specializing in the education, corporate, and digital signage industries for class rooms, conference rooms, command control centers and event applications. IDK has sought to contribute to a more prosperous society through the development of innovative AV solutions such as digital multi switchers, extenders, splitters and other related products.
Marka Ürün Kodu Ürün Adı Datasheet Resim
Marka Ürün Kodu Ürün Adı Datasheet Resim
IdkVAC-2000UHDHDMI/DVI 1 x 2 distribution Amplifier 4K@60/HDCP2.2
IdkVAC-4000UHDHDMI/DVI 1 x 4 distribution Amplifier 4K@60/HDCP2.2
IdkVAC-5000HDHDMI/DVI 1 x 5 distribution Amplifier
IdkVAC-1000HDHDMI/DVI 1 x 10 distribution Amplifier