Graphtec Datalogger

Graphtec’s instrumentation division has been in business for 60 years starting off as Watanabe Instruments in 1949. Graphtec supports data recorder and logging needs for industrial, agricultural, medical, electrical equipment manufacturers and R&D labs and environment.
Marka Ürün Kodu Ürün Adı Datasheet Resim
Marka Ürün Kodu Ürün Adı Datasheet Resim
GraphtecGL100-WL(with WLAN)Petit LOGGER
GraphtecGL100-N(without WLAN)Petit LOGGER
GraphtecGS-THTemperature & Humidity sensor
GraphtecGS-3ATAcceleration & Temperature sensor
GraphtecGS-LXUVIlluminance & Ultraviolet sensor
GraphtecGS-CO2Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor
GraphtecGS-4VTVoltage & Temperature Input Terminal
GraphtecGS-4TSRThermistor Sensor Input Terminal
GraphtecGL100 Petit LOGGER