Marka Ürün Kodu Ürün Adı Datasheet Resim
Marka Ürün Kodu Ürün Adı Datasheet Resim
AARONIA12V Spectran Power Supply12V Spectran Power Supply
AARONIA1300mAh NiMH Battery1300mAh NiMH Battery
AARONIA20dB Attenuator(DC - 18GHz)
AARONIA3000mAh LiPo Battery3000mAh LiPo Battery
AARONIA5V 20.000mAh Powerbank for Spectran V55V 20.000mAh Powerbank for Spectran V5
AARONIAAaronia SMA-Cable 0,3mAaronia SMA-Cable 0,3m
AARONIAADP1DC - 40MHz Active differential probe for conductive EMC/EMI measurement
AARONIABicoLOG 20100(20MHz - 1GHz) Biconical EMC test antenna
AARONIABicoLOG 20100 X (active)(20MHz - 1GHz) Biconical EMC active test antenna
AARONIABicoLOG 20100E (EMC Version)(20MHz - 1GHz) EMC Antenna
AARONIABicoLOG 20100EX (active Version)(20MHz - 1GHz) Active EMC Antenna
AARONIABicoLOG 20300(20MHz - 3GHz) Benchtop biconical EMC broadband antenna up to 3GHz
AARONIABicoLOG 20300 X (active)(20MHz - 3GHz) Benchtop active biconical EMC broadband antenna up to 3GHz
AARONIABicoLOG 30100(30MHz - 1GHz) Biconical EMC broadband antenna up to 1GHz
AARONIABicoLOG 30100 X (active)(30MHz - 1GHz) Active biconical EMC broadband antenna up to 1GHz
AARONIABicoLOG 30100E (EMC Version)(30MHz - 1GHz) Biconical EMC Antenna
AARONIABicoLOG 30100EX (active Version)(30MHz - 1GHz) Biconical EMC Active Antenna
AARONIABicoLOG 5070(50MHz - 700MHz) Active biconical radial isotropic broadband antenna
AARONIABicoLOG 5070 X (active)(50MHz - 700MHz) Active biconical radial isotropic broadband antenna
AARONIABicoLOG XL (Ultra EMC Version)(20MHz - 1GHz) Ultra EMC Antenna
AARONIABPSG4(35MHz - 4,4GHz) RF Signal Generator
AARONIABPSG4 OEM(35MHz - 4,4GHz) OEM Signal Generator
AARONIABPSG6(23,5MHz to 6GHz) USB Signal Generator
AARONIABPSG6 OEM(23,5MHz to 6GHz) OEM  Signal Generator
AARONIACar Power Adapter (12V)Car Power Adapter (12V)
AARONIADC-Blocker (SMA)DC-Blocker (SMA)
AARONIADFG4040(400MHz - 4,4GHz) Directional RF Field Generator
AARONIADFG4060(400MHz - 6GHz) Directional Field Generator
AARONIADFG7040(700MHz - 4,4GHz) Directional Fiel Generator
AARONIADFG7060(700MHz - 6GHz) Directional RF Signal Generator
AARONIADocking Station for SPECTRAN V5Docking Station for SPECTRAN V5
AARONIAEMC Bundle 1(1Hz-1MHz/1MHz-9,4GHz) Near field measurement set incl. near field probes
AARONIAEMC Bundle 2(1Hz-1MHz/1MHz-9,4GHz) Far field EMC measurement kit up to 9,4GHz incl. EMC antenna
AARONIAEMC Bundle 3(1Hz-1MHz/1MHz-9,4GHz) Near- and Far-Field EMC measurement kit
AARONIAGEO10(4Hz - 1kHz) Highly sensitive passive vibration sensor & geofon
AARONIAGEO14(10Hz - 1kHz) Aaronia Geofon & Vibration Sensor
AARONIAGPS Logger including Gyro / Tilt / Compass & AccelerometerGPS logger with Gyro & Tiltsensor, compass and accelerometer
AARONIAHeavy Pistol Grip with polarization-change-functionProfessional pistol grip with polarization change function
AARONIAHF-60100 V4(9kHz-9,4GHz) HighEnd EMC Spectrum Analyzer
AARONIAHyperLOG 20300 EMI(20MHz - 3GHz) 3GHz Hybridantenna
AARONIAHyperLOG 20600 EMI(20MHz - 6GHz) Reference Antenna 20MHz to 6GHz
AARONIAHyperLOG 30100(380MHz - 10GHz) EMC Test Antenna
AARONIAHyperLOG 30180(380MHz - 18GHz) Log Periodic Antenna spans 380MHz to 18GHz
AARONIAHyperLOG 30250Ultra Broadband Antenna 380MHz to 25GHz 
AARONIAHyperLOG 30350Super Wideband Antenna (380MHz to 35GHz) 
AARONIAHyperLOG 3080(380MHz - 8GHz) Directional EMC test antenna
AARONIAHyperLOG 4025(400MHz - 2,5GHz) LogPer broadband EMC EMI antenna spans
AARONIAHyperLOG 4040(400MHz - 4GHz) Log Periodic Antenna
AARONIAHyperLOG 4060(400MHz - 6GHz) EMC Antenna spans
AARONIAHyperLOG® 30100X (active)(380MHz - 10GHz) Active highend LogPer Antenne
AARONIAHyperLOG® 30200X (active)(380MHz - 20GHz) Active highend LogPer Antenne
AARONIAHyperLOG® 3080X (active)(380MHz - 8GHz) Active LogPer Antenna
AARONIAHyperLOG® 4025X (active)(400MHz - 2,5GHz) Active EMC Antenna Logarithmic Periodic Antenna
AARONIAHyperLOG® 4040X (active)(400MHz - 4GHz) Active LogPer measurement antenna Aaronia
AARONIAHyperLOG® 4060X (active)(400MHz - 6GHz) Active directional antenna from 400MHz - 6GHz
AARONIAHyperLOG® 60100(680MHz - 10GHz) Wideband Antenna
AARONIAHyperLOG® 60100X (active)(680MHz - 10GHz) Active LogPer Antenna HyperLOG 60100 X up to 10GHz
AARONIAHyperLOG® 60180(680MHz - 18GHz) Pre-Compliance test antenna which spans 680MHz to 18GHz
AARONIAHyperLOG® 60200X (active)(680MHz - 20GHz) Active LogPer Antenna HyperLOG 60200 X up to 20GHz
AARONIAHyperLOG® 60250(680MHz - 25GHz) Wideband LogPer Antenna (680MHz to 25GHz)
AARONIAHyperLOG® 60350(680MHz - 35GHz) Super Wideband LogPer Antenna
AARONIAHyperLOG® 6080(680MHz - 8GHz) Pre Compliance Antenna up to 8GHz
AARONIAHyperLOG® 6080X (active)(680MHz - 8GHz) Active Directional Antenna
AARONIAHyperLOG® 7025(700MHz - 2,5GHz) LPDA (Logarithmic Periodic Dipole Antenna)
AARONIAHyperLOG® 7025X (active)(700MHz - 2,5GHz) Active 44dBi EMC broadband antenna with Preamplifier
AARONIAHyperLOG® 7040(700MHz - 4GHz) LogPer antenna
AARONIAHyperLOG® 7040X (active)(700MHz - 4GHz) Aaronia active LogPer antenna spans 700MHz to 4GHz
AARONIAHyperLOG® 7060(700MHz - 6GHz) Directional antenna up to 6GHz
AARONIAHyperLOG® 7060X (active)(700MHz - 6GHz) Directional active EMC antenna up to 6GHz with 45dBi gain
AARONIAIntermediate Bundle(10Hz-400kHz/100MHz-4GHz) EMC HandHeld Spectrum Analyzer 400kHz & RF Analyzer up to 4GHz 
AARONIAIsoLOG 3D Antenna Array(9kHz - 40GHz) DF Antenna Array - RF Tracking Antenna (9kHz to 40GHz)
AARONIAIsoLOG 3D Mobile 9030(9kHz - 3GHz) Handheld Isotropic Antenna
AARONIAIsoLOG 3D Mobile 9060(9kHz - 6GHz) Handheld Isotropic Antenna
AARONIALarge Aluminum TripodLarge Aluminum Tripod
AARONIAMagnotracker / PowerLOG TripodTripod for Magnotracker & PowerLOG antennas
AARONIAMagnoTRACKER ELF-6(1Hz - 9kHz) ELF, SLF & ULF Antenna
AARONIAMagnotracker LF-6(9kHz - 1MHz) High Gain LF Tracking Antenna
AARONIAMDF 50400X (active)(500kHz - 400MHz) Active Tracking Antenna
AARONIAMDF 560(500kHz - 60MHz)Magnetic Tracking Antenna 
AARONIAMDF 930X (active)(9kHz - 30MHz) Active Magnetic Tracking Antenna
AARONIAMDF 9400(9kHz - 400MHz) Magnetic Antenna
AARONIAMDF 960X (active)(9kHz - 60MHz) Active Magnetic Loop Antenna
AARONIAMiniature TripodStrongly recommended for PC use!
AARONIAMiniature TripodMiniature Tripod
AARONIANF-5030(1Hz - 30MHz) EMC/EMI Spectrum Analyzer with E & H sensor
AARONIAOFG-30100E(30MHz - 1000MHz) RF Field Strength Generator
AARONIAOFG30300(30MHz - 3GHz) RF Field Strength Generator
AARONIAOFG5070(50MHz - 700MHz) RF Field Strength Generator
AARONIAOmniLOG 30800(300MHz - 8GHz) Ultra Broadband Antenna
AARONIAOmniLOG 70600(680MHz - 6GHz) Ultra Broadband Antenna
AARONIAOmniLOG 90200(700MHz - 2,5GHz) Omni-directional antenna
AARONIAPBS 1(DC-1Hz - 9GHz) RF Field-Probes
AARONIAPBS 2(DC-1Hz - 9GHz) E & H Near Field Probe Set Sniffer DC to 9GHz with EMC Preamplifier
AARONIAPowerLOG® 10800(1GHz - 8GHz) EMC Antenna
AARONIAPowerLOG® 40400(4GHz - 40GHz) Microwave Horn Antenna 4GHz to 40GHz
AARONIAPowerLOG® 70180(700MHz - 18GHz) EMC Antenna
AARONIARF VIEW(1Hz - 9,4GHz) RF/EMC Camera System
AARONIASafe PCCompact, high-performance (i5 / i7) solution in the form of safe PC
AARONIASMA Cable 10m with mounting wrenchSMA Cable 10m with mounting wrench
AARONIASMA Cable 1m with mounting wrenchSMA Cable 1m with mounting wrench
AARONIASMA Cable 5m with mounting wrenchSMA Cable 5m with mounting wrench
AARONIASMA to BNC AdapterSMA to BNC Adapter
AARONIASMA to K (2.92mm) AdapterSMA to K (2.92mm) Adapter
AARONIASMA to N AdapterSMA to N Adapter
AARONIASMA-Cable 10m LowLossSMA-Cable 10m LowLoss
AARONIASMA-Cable 1mSMA-Cable 1m
AARONIASMA-Cable 5m LowLossSMA-Cable 5m LowLoss
AARONIASpectran Protection Rubber (black)Spectran Protection Rubber (black)
AARONIASpectran Protection Rubber (yellow)Spectran Protection Rubber (yellow)
AARONIASpectran USB 12V chargerSpectran USB 12V charger
AARONIASpectran USB CableSpectran USB Cable
AARONIAStarter Bundle(10Hz-10kHz/700MHz-2,5GHz) RF and EMF HandHeld Spectrum Analyzer combined
AARONIATransportcase for BicoLOG antennaTransportcase for BicoLOG antenna
AARONIATransportcase for MDF anntenaTransportcase for MDF anntena
AARONIAUBBV 0910(9kHz - 6GHz) Low noise Pre-amplifier
AARONIAUBBV 1060 BPA(100MHz - 6GHz) Bypass Pre-amplifier
AARONIAUBBV DC20(DC-20GHz) RF Pre-amplifier DC to 20GHz
AARONIAUBBV1(1MHz-1GHz) 40dB Pre-Compliance Broadband Preamplifier up to 1GHz
AARONIAUBBV2(1MHz-10GHz) RF Pre-amplifier 1MHz to 10GHz
AARONIAUBBV-NF-25(1Hz-60MHz) Low frequency amplifier
AARONIAUBBV-NF-35(1Hz-30MHz) Broadband Pre-amplifier 1Hz to 30MHz
AARONIANF-5030 S(1Hz - 30MHz) EMC/EMI Spectrum Analyzer with E & H sensor (High power version)
AARONIASpectran V6 Command CenterIt scans 6GHz in less than 1 milliseconds Spectran V6 Command Center
AARONIASpectran V6 XFR PROFrequency range 10MHz- 6GHz Real-Time Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer Spectran V6 XFR PRO
AARONIASPECTRAN V6 - RSA 250X6 GHz USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer 300GHz/s (440 GHz/s) sweep speed
AARONIASPECTRAN V6 - RSA 500X6 GHz USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer 300GHz/s (440 GHz/s) sweep speed
AARONIASPECTRAN V6 - RSA 2000X6 GHz Dual USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer 730GHz/s (1100GHz/s) sweep speed
AARONIAPro BundleNF-5030 incl. Option 005 HF-60100 V4 incl. Option 020 HyperLOG 60100